Hashimy Group

Hashimy Group of Companies, Ltd. is a growing Afghan conglomerate with interests in fuel logistics, manufacturing, media, airlines, trading and construction industries. Established in 2003, Hashimy Group is licensed by the Afghan Government and maintains necessary operating and regulatory licenses through the Ministry of Commerce and Afghan Investment Support Agency (AISA). The company’s discernible strengths include technical expertise, professionalism and financial capacity to deliver on some of the most crucial logistics and manufacturing projects in Afghanistan, operating Afghanistan’s fastest growing television network and launching an ambitious new player in the national airline industry which promise to lay the foundation towards sustainable future growth.

Hashimy Group has built a sterling reputation of delivering quality services for both international and local stakeholders throughout Afghanistan. The company is committed towards consistency in meeting quality requirements and delivering products in advance of schedule. The company’s history of success in a turbulent operating environment underscores the belief that Hashimy Group serves as a catalyst in the transition towards a sustainable economy in Afghanistan for many decades to come.

Hashimy Group has proven expertise in the logistics sector and the transportation of petroleum fuel products across Afghanistan. The Group’s security specialists ensure that fuel consignments reach their destination in an efficient and timely manner through one of the most treacherous and high security risk regions in the world. Additionally, the group has sought to monetise synergistic gains as a consequence of operating Afghanistan’s most dynamic media network and launching an ambitious national airline company. The Group is also making headways in various mining and energy sector projects.

The conglomeration of diverse business interests necessitates adherence to the highest standards of corporate governance and internal control. The Group believes its ability to adapt to change and devise intricate project management strategies bode well for future projects in a complex operating environment.