1. Fuel Supplies: Hashimy group is one of the largest fuel suppliers in Afghanistan, managing imports, storage and distribution. We have a cumulative fuel storage of over 50,000 MT in various strategic centres across Afghanistan and dozens of bowzers constantly on the move.



2. Broadcasting Network: Hashimy group boasts of development and management of some of the fastest growing digital and radio media networks in Afghanistan. We provide the best programming which has been acclaimed internationally and boast the fastest growing Television network in the region.



3. Production: Hashimy group has several factories involved in the production of apparel and Boots with major supply contracts with the allied forces. Forming the backbone of our business, the production facilities use the latest technology providing superior quality goods throughout the region



 4. Logistics: Hashimy group boasts of the most comprehensive and secure logistics network in Afghanistan. Our experienced team coupled with latest vehicle tracking technology allows us to keep thefts, espionage and delays at the minimum. Our comprehensive network covers all 32 provinces of the region and we are proud to provide consistent service during various security threat levels in the region. We possess capabilities to provide logistics services both by road and air


5. Construction and Real estate: Hashimy group through its extensive network has been at forefront in real estate investment and development and holds experience and capabilities to handle infrastructural and housing projects.



6. Airlines: Hashimy group is a proud entrant into the airlines business providing domestic travel and cargo services with plans to go international in the near future